Beonbrand Inc. is a Media company, based in Toronto, Ontario. We produce a wide variety of digital solutions to the public and private sectors, to help them achieve their goals in digital marketing, media production and digital development areas. We recognize that our business has the potential to contribute to environmental degradation, and we are committed to taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet. To that end, we have implemented the following environmental policies:

We will reduce energy and water consumption in our office by turning off lights and electronics when they are not in use, using energy-efficient appliances, and implementing water conservation measures.

We will strive to use environmentally-friendly materials and products whenever possible. This includes choosing recycled and recyclable materials, using low-impact printing methods, and selecting suppliers who prioritize sustainability. 

We will encourage remote work and the use of digital tools to reduce our carbon footprint from transportation.

We will work with clients and partners to promote sustainable business practices and minimize the environmental impact of their marketing campaigns. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and reducing our carbon footprint. We will regularly review and update our environmental policies to ensure that we are doing our part to protect the planet.