How to Create the Right Marketing Videos for Schools?

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If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need a promotional video, consider that millions of videos are viewed and shared every day, and word of them spreads rapidly through social media. What should a commercial for your institute look like, and why you should create one?

The data disproves their claims. For a while now, video marketing has been on the rise, but 2017 marked a tipping point. Over 500 million individuals are reportedly watching videos on Facebook every single day. What’s more, this magnitude is expanding continuously! By 2019, it is expected that video will account for up to 80% of all Internet traffic (compared to 65 percent in 2014).

If you add a video to your website, it will almost certainly rank higher in Google’s search results. Including videos in emails increases their click-through rate by 100%, and people are 10 times more likely to leave comments and share the video than they would be to do so about a plain text post on the blog.

The fact that your potential clients utilize platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook on a regular basis should serve as inspiration. Promote your school to a wider audience and reach more people online with this smart strategy.

So, how can you make compelling promotional videos for your institute?

Determine Your Goal

The first step in every successful video marketing strategy is establishing a clear objective. You might as well just upload the video to Facebook without one.

  • Do you need more people to recognize your brand?
  • Launch a brand-new curriculum?
  • Target already engaged website visitors?
  • Or start a marketing campaign?

A unique strategy and set of measures should be developed for each goal.

Shorter is Better

Historically speaking, this is the era of the shortest attention spans.

More content than ever before is vying for people’s attention, so it’s more crucial than ever to make content that immediately grabs their attention and makes an emotional connection with them.

Commercials that may be watched in under 30 seconds achieve the best engagement levels. In my experience, advertisements for schools perform best when they are between 15 and 30 seconds long.

Keep in mind that brevity is preferable.

Make a Remarkable Impact

Believe me. A viewer will decide within seconds if it’s worthwhile to continue watching your video. To put it another way, if you want to get people’s attention, you have three seconds.

Nielsen, a worldwide leader in analytics and information, reports that nearly half of all advertising recall occurs within the first three seconds of a video commercial being viewed. This means that even if a Facebook user only watches a few seconds of a video ad, the ad can still raise brand awareness and sway their decision to buy.

To get people to stop scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram page and watch the entire video, start with the most interesting segment.

It’s also important to have a compelling post title and thumbnail to get people interested in watching the video. Furthermore, remember that you have only 15 seconds to convince a potential customer to continue on your website.

Use Storytelling

A video ad’s effectiveness depends heavily on the story it tells.

Your video, whether it’s about a student’s experience, a testimonial, or a look behind the scenes at your school, should have a clear narrative.

No of the length, your video ad should effectively convey your message.

When possible, caption your images.

Did you realize that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched silently?

This implies that if your videos don’t automatically include captions, viewers will just skip over them.

If the video’s content isn’t clear from the visuals alone, add captions or text overlay to clarify it. If you plan on including student reviews or anecdotes, this is crucial.

Audio Should Come First

Having subpar audio is the quickest way to ruin an otherwise well-produced and expertly edited video.

The sound quality of any recorded video, be it on a desktop computer or a smartphone, must be excellent.

Never trust the microphone that comes standard on your phone or camera. In most cases, these are terrible at blocking out ambient sound.

A high-quality clip-on or lapel microphone may be purchased for a low price, but can dramatically improve the quality and viewership of your movies.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

More than 65% of Facebook users watch videos on their mobile devices, therefore it’s no wonder that mobile advertising produces the most effective video views.

The primary objective should be to increase the number of times your movie is viewed, but this metric is meaningless if it doesn’t directly contribute to your bottom line. Use retargeting to get these viewers to become paying clients by showing them more of your videos or static images.

Be Aware of the Ratios and Sizes

If you want greater screen real estate, your films should be either vertical (9:16) or square (1:1). Take advantage of the fact that most consumers hold their phones in a vertical position.

You must always use the vertical orientation when posting to Instagram.

Create Your Good Story 

To broaden your audience and bring in more leads, video is the best option. But don’t stop there; continue the client’s journey by retargeting video viewers with ads that use sequential messaging to drive them to take the next step toward becoming a customer.

To reach users who have seen at least three seconds of your video and those who have watched the entire thing, use Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature. To maximize your reach, it’s ideal to tailor-make films (or multiple edits of the same video) for each of these subsets of viewers. Targeting viewers who viewed the entire video is a good example because they are more engaged and hence more likely to convert the audience.

Retargeting can make use of video ads (particularly testimonial videos), link ads, and image ads.

Consider Production 

The best creative resources, be they a smartphone or a full production team, should be secured. Videos that are professionally made have a higher chance of being watched and remembered.

Make sure the films are of the highest possible quality; this doesn’t entail spending thousands on equipment (a decent smartphone might do the trick!). The video and audio were both very clear and stable, with little to no background noise.

Create high-quality videos from scratch, even if you don’t have any prior video editing knowledge, by using a tool.


We have compiled the best ways to create a perfect video in line with your marketing strategy. We would be beyond happy to help you on this journey. Contact us for tailor-made videos for your school! 

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