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About Us

Beonbrand Inc. is your trusted partner in creating impactful visual narratives and strategic branding. As a recognized Vendor of Record (VOR) and official supplier for both the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, we leverage our journalism roots and marketing prowess to deliver unbiased, high-quality work. Whether your project is large-scale or under 25K, we offer tailored solutions that align with your mission and deadlines. Explore our offerings and see how we can amplify your message. Your vision, our expertise.

Our Services

We specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of government organizations.

Video Production Beonbrand

Video Production

Crafting compelling visual stories through explanatory, informational, branding, and testimonial videos. Our journalistic integrity and creative flair translate your ideas into engaging content that resonates with audiences.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Strategizing and executing targeted campaigns that reach and engage your desired audience. Utilizing innovative tools and insights, we create customized solutions to amplify your presence and drive results.

Design Services

Offering comprehensive design solutions that encapsulate your vision and message. From graphics to branding materials, our skilled designers create visually striking and cohesive assets that enhance your brand's appeal.

Public Relations

Enhancing your public image and managing relationships through tailored communication strategies. We leverage our network and experience to promote your message, protect your reputation, and create positive engagement

Why Choose Us

Unbiased Quality Work

Leveraging over 20 years of international journalism experience, we bring an unparalleled standard of objectivity and excellence to every project. Our commitment to unbiased storytelling ensures your message resonates authentically

Agile & Efficient Solutions

Whether it's a high-value project or under 25K value work, our flexible and efficient approach means we can adapt to your needs without compromising quality. We understand government timelines and deliver on time, every time. Visual: An icon or image representing a clock or agile movement

Holistic Content Strategy

From branding and digitalization to video production, our full-service solutions are tailored to your unique goals. We create cohesive content that amplifies your message across all channels, enhancing your reach and impact. Visual: An icon or image representing interconnected gears or a strategic plan

Government & Education Expertise

As an approved Vendor of Record and a trusted supplier for both the Canadian and Ontario governments, we understand the nuances of working with governmental organizations. Our targeted solutions are crafted to align with your mission, regulations, and audience needs

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Government of Canada
Audiovisual Supplier

PBN number : 725028674PG0001
D-U-N-S® Number : 208541695

Client Testimonials

"Beonbrand's work is exceptional. They master the brand's story through video, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Their quick adaptation and tireless effort ensure rapid results. Transitioning from journalism to entrepreneurship, they have matured into a full-service media company, leading in the international education space."
Jonathan Kolber, Chairman and Co-Founder of ILAC
"Beonbrand's professionalism is remarkable. With various roles in digital media, content creation, and video, they consistently perform beyond expectations. Creative and proactive, they build relationships effortlessly and anticipate stakeholders' needs."
Diana Mockute, Chief Partnerships Officer GUS Canada
"Beonbrand is driven by enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication. Always seeking growth, they've become the best Video Content Producer in the international education industry."
Oscar Blanco, Head of International Sales - ILAC & ILAC IC

Your Premier Government Collaborator

We're proud holders of VOR records and esteemed suppliers of audio-visual services for both the Government of Canada and Ontario. Need quick solutions? We excel in projects under 25K, bypassing lengthy RFP processes, and we're here to offer free consultations to align with your unique needs.

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