How to Use Video Marketing for Attracting Students?

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A video is a potent approach that is being used by a wide range of organizations, despite the fact that no two of them are saying exactly the same thing. In addition, why is this so critical? 2) How does this all connect to student recruiting and 3) where do I even begin with video marketing? Let’s go for it!

Through the use of video content marketing, virtual open days and tours can be held.

The greatest approach to experiencing a university’s culture is to go on a campus tour, but virtual tours and open days can also be a great method to draw students. Using video to communicate with students when they are away from home can save parents and students a lot of time and effort. The majority of undergraduates aren’t merely looking to increase their employability by taking a more in-depth degree. They also desire a taste of freedom, away from their parents and curfews, so they may experiment with their own schedules.

The last semester and first semester of senior year are spent doing research on colleges and arranging day trips to visit them. Students and their parents can learn more about your university through virtual tours and open days, depending on how far and broad-doting parents must take their children to their potential future destinations. Everyone saves money and time by not having to travel, which makes it easier to find the proper university. From the comfort of their own homes, students may explore every corner and cranny. Additionally, they can do the tours at a speed that works for their hectic revision schedules.

Monitor a Snippet of the Lecture Content

Following our discussion on how to effectively use video to market your university’s facilities, the next step is to demonstrate the type of material that your classes teach. From module outlines to taster lectures, prospective students can assess if your professors excite them enough to continue their studies with you. ‘ What academic assistance is offered and how courses are arranged can be explained by professors. A relationship between academics and prospective students can be established, which in turn encourages them to attend their university.

In the end, course content is the most important component in determining which university a student chooses. To help students find the correct degree, be as warm and detailed as possible about the degree’s requirements. If you want to get ahead of the game, these films can give you a heads-up on what’s going to be covered. 

Including Students in Your Video Content Marketing Plan

The university’s public face is its current student body. As a matter of fact, who else is better qualified to promote a university to prospective students? Prospective students require first-hand information from current students about the expectations of academic and social life that are unique to that particular university. Students who are authentic and credible can explain why this university stands out among a plethora of educational establishments. For example, a recruitment video is an excellent method to incorporate all of these elements.

These student testimonies serve a greater purpose than simply bolstering your university’s public image. Use them to give lifestyle and academic guidance as well. Students are often looking for advice on such topics as budgeting, time management, and general self-sufficiency. The absence of parental direction can be debilitating for so many newly liberated young adults. They are thrown into the deep end of adult responsibilities, many of them have no idea how to take care of their own needs. When it comes to mental health, students need to make it clear how their well-being is supported.

Tips for Students

They will be on the lookout for practical advice on how to handle life as an adult on their own as soon as they arrive on campus. However, videos of student hacks can include but are not limited to, budgeting advice and cooking tutorials. To attract more students, you can employ this form of video content because it not only demonstrates your university’s grasp of an undergraduate’s life; it is also extremely shareable. Since YouTube and TikTok make it easy to generate and distribute interesting material to the correct audience, they are ideal for social media. Your university will appear more inviting if you make your films more enjoyable and approachable.

The Student Union also has a role to play here. In order to reach prospective students, this select group must serve as a marketing tool. Because they are the ones who care most about your university, you must put them first in all decisions. Using a video to introduce themselves to students is a surefire way to get their attention.

Promoting Video Content of the University’s Social Life 

It’s true that not every aspect of university life has anything to do with learning. For many students, the primary goal is to make new friends from a variety of backgrounds in a social setting. Many people will be keen to maintain or learn new hobbies and abilities that they’ve developed on their own. If a student has any experience, paid or unpaid, it provides employers with an idea of their openness to join new groups.

Promoting local nightlife, recreation centers, and student-run performances on video helps students see how many options they have at their disposal. You may get a sense of the university’s support for the arts by seeing clips from concerts and plays. Videos of university sports competitions and awards ceremonies emphasize students’ sense of achievement outside the academic sphere. There is no need to fear for those students who are concerned about balancing their studies with their social lives at your university.

It’s also important for students to see what life is like outside of the university environment. When it comes to luring students, it’s important to know what adjacent towns and cities may offer in terms of incentives. Students may be more inclined to choose your university if they see videos of the campus’s eateries, cinemas, and bars. Making movies showcasing student-friendly bars, restaurants, and shops can demonstrate their friendliness in terms of both customer service and financial constraints.

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